Will you be sharing the “Christmas Love”?Christmas Blog

At this time of year, most businesses start to consider the effort and contribution that is made by people they surround themselves with

This could be colleagues/acquaintances or staff.  Giving gifts to staff can be a lot less complicated than giving to other business people and connections

Staff gifts can consist of a ‘paid for’ Christmas function, a cash bonus, holidays in lieu or more extravagant gifts of electrical items or holidays (depending on the amount of staff and the size of the Company obviously) I’m sure we’d all like to work for somebody who gave us a holiday for Christmas !

If you’re a small business, you probably won’t have this issue but may want to give gifts to acquaintances or businesses you have worked closely with throughout the year, but what do you give them?

I always receive lots of great personalized gifts before Christmas, such as calenders, pens, chocolates and unique Christmas decorations which are great and really brighten up the office. There are some great small printing businesses local to me and I love to see what promotions they offer and tend to use them to order on behalf of my clients too.

It’s always lovely to give chocolates or a bottle of wine that you know that person will really enjoy.

I’m not a fan of business Christmas cards as I like to hand write them with a little note wishing people a lovely Christmas but if you have a large number to send then there are also some great options out there from Vistaprint and again, small independent printers such as Minuteman Press.  The guys over in Altrincham are really great to work with.

I never like to end on a negative point but if you are giving gifts such as chocolate/wine or spirits, make sure you familiarize yourself with The Bribery Act 2010 and protect yourself from any future problems, I’m sure they don’t look into one off gifts here and there but you can never be too careful.

Whatever you give or get, make sure it’s sent/received with the best intention and you really enjoy it 🙂

Coming next week is planning and preparing your finances – make sure you don’t end up out of pocket or be left waiting for payments

Have you already planned your Christmas gifts?  Please feel free to leave your comments below, they might give others inspiration or if you’d like help with suggestions for gifts, contact Joanne today to see how Executive VPA can help you too.