10th Annual Event 🎉

Thursday 20th & Friday 21st June 2024: The Village Hotel, Centre Park, Warrington, WA1 1QA

An event to bring together VAs from across the Country!

#Celebration #NWVAConf24

A Go to Event for VAs across the Country!








“I’ve attended lots of conferences and wanted to pull together the best bits of them all, we showcase amazing speakers, bring VAs together to be inspired and expand their expertise, all for a really reasonable price, I honestly do believe this is the ‘go to event’ for STAND OUT VAs”

Jo Hawkins, Founder and Owner of Award Winning Executive VPA.

Formed in 2015 by Joanne Hawkins, the NW VA Conference has been the ‘go to’ event for VAs not only in the North West but from across the country, providing a safe & open space and based on the desire to connect, learn, laugh and interact.  Joanne wanted somewhere for fellow VAs to meet up and benefit from the expertise and knowledge of quality speakers and business owners.

The 2024 event is the 10th annual event and a great opportunity for all to come together and share their experiences, how their businesses have developed and for new VAs to learn from existing VAs and put some new ideas in place. This will celebrate all things VA and the amazing industry that continues to grow and flourish. One NOT to be missed!

So what exactly does it include?

  • Thursday 20th June 9am – 4:15pm & Friday 21st June 9:30am – 12:30 pm 
  • Thursday evening informal dinner (payment not part of ticket fee)
  • Amazing and inspiring speakers
  • Friday celebration pub lunch (optional)
  • A link to VAs from across the Country
  • 2 days of connection/inspiration/collaboration and support from your peers and external experts
  • Goody bag & Cakes !
  • A celebration of 10 years of the NW VA Conference 


Your NW VA Conference Speakers

As this is an extra-special event, we’re going to be bringing back some amazing speakers who have inspired us over the last 10 years, listed below are your 2024 speakers and a description of their talks. 



Your Host: Joanne is delighted to welcome you to the 10th annual NW VA Conference



Celebrating our Voice: Making a difference, having an impact and leaving a legacy.



🌟Celebrating You! Why YOU Are Your Most Important Client!🌟



People + DISC = Profit.  Communication, conversations and relationship building.

Read More About Joanne

A self professed ’Straight Talking Northern Woman’ and praised for my her nonsense approach to business, Joanne is super passionate to work with VAs who are serious about running and growing a successful business.

Joanne thinks it’s really important that VAs increase their business acumen and know how to educate the business community on the value they bring, she does this mainly through the NW VA Conference with inspiring experts, speakers and industry peers.

The foundation of the support that Joanne gives to clients through Executive VPA is mirrored with the support she gives the VAs through the outstanding event she provides annually at the NW VA Conference.

Outside of work, Joanne is an avid Rugby League fan and is proud to be a part of the Salford Red Devil’s Board as a Chair and Non Exec Director. Totally obsessed with her 2 x whys and wants to travel the world but never forgetting, as a proud Mancunian, her heart lies in Manchester

Read More About Catherine

Catherine is on a mission to help people stand up in the spotlight and share their messages. From small business owners with a purpose, to individuals with big ideas; nervous first-time speakers to experienced presenters who want to develop their skills.

Catherine has been speaking out and strutting her stuff on stage for 23 years – as a keynote speaker, event host, and charity ambassador. When she sees her clients doing the same, she feels nothing but pride.

Catherine will be sharing a fantastic and interactive session in line with our theme of ‘Celebration’ as below:

Celebrating our Voice: Making a difference, having an impact and leaving a legacy.

It’s a busy old world and it is easy to feel small, insignificant and wonder what impact we have. It is easy to play small and safe. But the truth is, each of us has the power to make a difference. By standing up and speaking up, we can create change and make the world a better place.

Read More About Paula

Paula Cohen has been running her own business coaching company, Taylory for 15 years. In that time she has helped hundreds of business owners, just like you, to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to grow their own brilliant businesses. She is a TEDx speaker, a former international athlete and was a senior manager in the banking world for many years so she brings a very broad mix of knowledge and experience. 

Paula believes that people are capable of far more than they realise and her coaching is designed to help them see what’s possible and then achieve it. She typically helps her clients to set bigger goals; define their perfect client; package and price their services where they really ought to be; and focus on their own business growth just as much as they focus on delivering for their customers.

Paula will be delivering a session packed full of tips about how to build a business and a legacy that you can be really proud of. A business that delivers the rewards you deserve for the effort you put in AND helps you create the life you aspire to instead of it taking over your life completely! 

In this practical session, Paula will share tips that you can apply straight away in your own business. She will explain:

  • How to effortlessly manage your clients, instead of them always being the boss
  • Simple techniques to focus on your own business just as much as you do on your clients
  • Why you getting selfish is in your customers’ best interests 
  • How tolerance is holding you back 
  • Why saying ‘no’ is the secret to success
Read More About Susie

As an accomplished business professional and people specialist, Susie brings a wide variety of expertise and energy to all that she does. She enjoys empowering people to achieve their business and life goals through DISC profiling and training. With her energetic and fresh approach to business and life, Susie is passionate about harnessing the power of people and inspiring entrepreneurs and businesses to excel using DISC.

In both her training and presentations, Susie helps you to understand her simple formula;

People + DISC = Profit

In her interactive session, Susie will be sharing about the DISC personality profiling tool and how this helps with communication, conversations and relationship building, especially when connecting with clients.



Professional Development = New Clients! 3 insights that will elevate your VA business.

Read More About Amanda

Amanda Johnson is renowned for her extensive expertise and unwavering commitment to professional development within the VA industry. With over 34 years of professional administrative experience, including a distinguished 23-year career as a Royal Navy Logistics Officer, Amanda brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to her role as VA Coach, Trainer and Mentor within the VA Training Academy® elements of VACT Limited.

Passionate about advancing the VA profession and fostering excellence within the community, Amanda is also an Advisory Board Member for the Society of Virtual Assistants and runs the UKVA Conference, the UKVA Awards and the BeMyVA Directory.

Her mission is clear: to inspire, support, and challenge those seeking success in the VA industry, equipping them with the tools and insights needed to thrive in today’s competitive landscape and allowing them to become the “Go To” VA.

Keeping on top of our development can certainly lead to celebration and success and that is why Amanda will be sharing the below in her session “Professional Development = New Clients!”
Amanda will be exploring the indispensable need for professional development for Virtual Assistants. You will discover three key insights that will elevate your VA business; 

  • The importance of professional development for VAs
  • Exploring the various types of professional development opportunities
  • Strategies for continuous learning including some practical exercises 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, strategies and resources from Amanda to build and grow your VA business.



Ignite Your Sparkle – Walk away feeling inspired, uplifted and full of belief.

Read More About Debbie

Debbie Hayes – a.k.a The Queen of Clarity. Helping you achieve rapid breakthroughs to find a way forward with renewed clarity, confidence and structure.

Debbie is on a mission to break our cultural addiction to ‘busyness’, supporting you to change the way you work, and create a life you love. Giving you Wholistic Success.

It’s difficult to capture in words what Debbie “does”, yes she could tell you that she’s a Trauma Informed Leadership and Personal Development Coach, or an Advanced EFT Practitioner and Yoga Nidra Teacher, Author and TEDx speaker, but no label could really capture the deep transformation you feel by working with her.

As the conference comes to a close and celebrates its 10th Anniversary, our very first speaker of 2015’s conference will joining us to look into the decade ahead…and why daring to do things your own way is so important!!

To feel seen, heard and understood
To look at things in a new way
To walk away feeling inspired, uplifted and full of belief

Yes, Debbie Hayes is returning to work her magic. 

So come along to the 10th annual NW VA Conference and let her ignite your sparkle 



Navigating The Menopause Maze™: How VA’s can optimise solutions for their female clients moving through menopause.

Read More About Fiona

Fiona is an award-winning female founder and keynote speaker. Having had a total abdominal hysterectomy at 42yrs of age and waking up in immediate surgical menopause, she knows first hand the impact menopause has on women business leaders and female founders. Following on from her experiences, she has worked tirelessly to devise an evidence based method to enable top women to keep their careers and keep scaling the companies they lead through all stages of menopause.

The method is now multi-award winning and called ‘The Menopause Maze™. The Menopause Maze™ has expanded and is now a stand alone company which provides women with the tools to keep their careers and companies with the tools to retain their top talent. In addition, she hosts NOPAUSE ™, an exclusive online career coaching programme and global community for women leaders and female founders to ensure that there is no pause to their careers and business scale and growth as they move through all stages of menopause.

You may have seen or listened to Fiona on your TV screens, on radio and podcasts and across social media.  She is known in the media as The Menopause Career Coach – the go to expert helping women leaders to keep growing their careers and companies as they move through all stages of menopause.

Menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic on planet earth, and as a VA, the female entrepreneurs, and clients you support, will at some point be going through menopause. They will need amended or optimised solutions in addition to those what you are currently offering, and knowing what that will be is vital to continued commercial success.

This session with Fiona will cover:

Navigating The Menopause Maze™: How VA’s can optimise solutions for their female clients moving through menopause.

  • Learn how to spot the subtle signs of menopause in female clients, enabling you to offer timely support.
  • Develop a plan for the tangible support your female clients will need as they move through all stages of menopause.
  • Explore how to expand your services to cater for the evolving needs of mid-life female founders.
  • Improve your inclusivity and wellbeing offerings by driving greater gender equality.


“Turn AI into your most powerful ally”


Read More About Rob

A seasoned business leader, entrepreneur and respected academic, Robert excels in strategic management, specialising in AI applications for business and education.

With 30 years’ experience in both SME’s and blue-chip firms, and over a decade in higher education, Robert merges theory with practice, delivering cutting-edge insights and preparing both professionals and senior executives for the AI revolution.  

Robert has delivered AI Literacy and Strategy Workshops to various prestigious institutions and, as a Vistage speaker, to over 100 CEOs and business owners.

Rob will bring an exciting session in “Turn AI into your most powerful ally”

Embrace the future of Virtual Assistance with our upcoming 45-minute session, specially tailored for both seasoned and new Virtual Assistants looking to elevate their careers through Artificial Intelligence. Led by Rob Dixon, CEO of Dixon Humphreys, we’ll celebrate your achievements and delve into how AI can transform your daily tasks, boost your productivity, and open doors to unprecedented innovation. Discover AI tools and strategies that will not only streamline your workflow but also enhance your creative potential.

This is more than just a learning opportunity; it’s a chance to lead the charge in the evolving landscape of virtual assistance. Join us to turn AI into your most powerful ally

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