NY ResolutionsDo they actually mean anything?

When I was an employee, people asked about my New Year resolutions and they’d usually center around getting fit/cooking healthier meals/taking more holidays or just having more ‘me’ time.

Now I’m a business owner, all I’m asked is what will I do in the business this year? What changes will I make/will I turn a profit/how will I expand?

I’m not dismissing either of these and saying we shouldn’t plan, aim for better things or look after ourselves, I just think it should be a continual thought and not something that will go out of the window by the end of January.

I had the privilege of working with a “Mrs Motivator” earlier last year who provided me with this exercise – 2013 – A- Z, it made me realize what was important and what I really wanted out of my life and my business.

I’m also loving this website/Facebook page called “The 52 List” which gets us to try and accomplish achievable goals, not grand gestures that may take years or decades to fulfill.

Life is about living, being the best you can and taking advantage of what is in front of you.

If you’d like an introduction to “Mrs Motivator” or the creator of The 52 List, call Joanne on 07928 228764 or Skype her at executive.vpa today

Happy Planning 🙂