You’re the average of those you surround yourself with

As my business evolves, I’m constantly being told “You’re the average of those you surround yourself with”. That is so true and more now than ever.

The current and future entrepreneurs and dedicated business owners are the people that will pull us out of this recession, those are the people you need to be mixing with if you want to build a credible, successful business.

Imagine how you’d feel if all you heard all day/week/year was “I can’t do it” “It’s just not working” “There’s no point, nobody has any money” It would pull you down, right?

Just imagine how much more positive you’d feel if all you heard was “Wow, look what I’ve just achieved” “My business is going from strength to strength” You can almost feel the butterflies, can’t you?

A prime example of somebody achieving this would be Chris Evans, love him or hate him, he certainly has achieved plenty and mainly by surrounding himself with the right people and putting himself in the right circles, even ending up raising money with celebrities such as Gary Barlow whilst driving a pink Rolls Royce around the UK !

Obviously you may not have the direct opportunity to jump into a car with Mr Barlow but unless you look for things in the right place, you’ll only know your limitations and not your limits.

So my advice to you is……, network, network.  Research where your ideal clients/colleagues and peers would network and ensure you join them and if you’ve not got time to research (or attend) ask your VA to do it!

Good Luck 🙂