Where is yours saved?

A common task for all Va’s is updating databases with cards that clients collect when networking, an easy task to out-source. Everyone know’s it’s important but can be time-consuming and not the most exciting job.

So, what options are out there for keeping in touch with your clients and prospects?

Once you/your VA have all the cards/details ready, where can you store them?

A standard excel spreadsheet can be a good start, information can be added into bespoke titled columns and moved around easily.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System can be more in depth and be a valued addition to your marketing strategy. These range from free to costly with varied degrees of complexity.

  • Free systems may only offer limited space and functionality, such as Capsule, whilst others such as Salesforce and Oracle really delve deep into detailed management

If you’re not looking for something all singing, all dancing however and just want to keep in contact via newsletters, e-shots and updates on your business/industry, why not look into Mailchimp, a great free (up to 2000 subscribers & sending up to 12,000 emails per month) marketing software where you can design your own branded templates.

So, whatever you choose to use, make sure you don’t leave those business cards sat in a drawer or in a pile on your desk……..Your ideal client may be among them !

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We’d love to see how you make your database work for you, please share below.