Who is your “Mr Motivator” ?

Are you inspired by your peers, celebrities, successful business people or those closer to home?

We all look up to people in our lives, but do we feel in awe of these people or influenced to become better people? It is easy to get disheartened by what others have achieved, but what you don’t see is the sacrifices and hard work that accolade takes.

Who do you look up to? It is nice to admire celebrities, but quite often, despite their glamorous lifestyle many are depressed, lonely and still feel unfulfilled. Successful business people are extremely driven individuals who will take many risks, suffer failures and keep on going until they hit a winning formula. So learning about their routes to success can be a source of inspiration to many. Maybe there are people in your life who have the same effect, maybe they could become your mentor?

Who do you take advice from? Your partner, your friends, your family, gurus, forums? Or do you listen to a few people and make up your own mind? Mentoring and coaching is in vogue at the moment either paid or voluntary, so make the most of these services to help you unlock what you can achieve and get you to see what strengths you have. If you go networking quite often mentoring takes place by default.

It is easy to let the celebrity culture that we live in affect our self esteem or motivation but the reality is going to be very far removed from the carefully edited and PR’d versions we are lead to believe.

So next time you catch yourself wishing you had someone else’s life, what could you do to gain more satisfaction with your own? Learn a new skill, start a business, volunteer or mentor others? There will be people who look up to you, did that ever occur to you?

We all have so many more excellent qualities than we don’t give ourselves credit for, so take time to acknowledge those and what you have achieved, this will bring greater satisfaction and a more positive mindset which will in turn attract more positivity.

I’ve been very fortunate to have the benefit of both life and business coaching and have truly motivational and supportive help close to home, if you’d like to hear more about it, give me a call today – 07928 228764