Can I be as successful as………?

The biggest question anyone has on their minds when starting a business is ‘will this be successful?’

What makes some people so successful and some people less so?

There are definitely common traits in those personalities that do well in life and business…

There are many articles promising to share the secrets of highly successful people, so this blog will summarize the most prolific habits successful entrepreneurs share…

They take risks
They give up their jobs, they put in their life savings, they do something that scares them, this way they simply have to make the venture work. They are not going to lose their savings without a fight, they focus all their effort into getting to know their market and how to sell to them rather than giving up after an initial start because they have the safety net of a job or savings or other income

They work hard
There is no get rich quick, there is no sure fire winner, it is all determination, perseverance and not taking no for an answer. They carry out research, really understand their market, they put in long hours, they set themselves tasks and make sure they are all completed

They learn how to communicate with their audience
People think they need slick sales patter and techniques to sell their products or services. This is not the case, successful people state the benefits of their offer clearly and break down any barriers their audience would have to using their product or service. Not being phased by a ‘no’ and maintaining confidence and true belief in what you do are critical success factors

They spot opportunities
They carry out competitor analysis and market research and find out what is the missing ingredient, they provide it and the lack of competition leads to greater sales

Goal setting
They set themselves clear objectives and don’t stop until they are achieved and when they are, they set some more. The goals they set are specific, realistic, achievable, timely and measurable

They Stay Grounded
They stay grounded and don’t get egotistical and are not afraid to be seen to make mistakes, give others praise when required and are not too proud to seek help if they need it

They Follow Up
It can sometimes be the hardest and time consuming task but it’s a key stage, keeping them in their clients mind and building relationships

So what makes you successful? Do you have any habits similar to the above or wildly different? Do you have a unique format or way of approaching business? Do you consider yourself to be different and stand out from the crowd? If so how? What would you like to be remembered for?

It is important for business owners to realize that success does not happen overnight. Apple has enjoyed enormous success in recent years, but for twenty years they were just another computer company that looked like they would be obliterated by Microsoft at one stage when windows was released, even though Apple had the format long before Bill Gates came along. They spent years researching and developing their products and have now revolutionized technology and our lives.

The key ingredient for me when I read about successes time and time again is staying power, not giving up, having enough self belief when hearing no over and over, passion for what they do and pure in the knowledge that what they are offering is a good quality and reasonably priced product that has a market.

It takes a long time for the message to get through, if you keep at it, it always will eventually, but sadly many throw in the towel way too early – Don’t be one of them !