Do you learn from others?

Working as a VA gives me the largest range of ‘work variety’ I’ve ever experienced.

When my clients out-source their tasks, they’re also sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience. We discuss their goals, business growth aspirations and ideas, this in turn helps me to think about my own.

The ability to brain-storm with somebody who has both a vested interest and an outsiders point of view can be priceless in business. Systems and processes can be broken down and ideas expanded on. It’s a skill that all VA’s aim to share with their clients.

One of the biggest obstacle VA’s face is showing ‘how’ they help businesses, but once clients understand they’re not just there for the accounts updates and diary management, more as an asset to their business and growth, the more they see the benefits.

Tasks that a VA assists with are simply by-products of the relationship that is formed, what’s important is the additional benefits they bring – what could an extra business mind do for your business?

So why not take the first step and have the conversation? Contact Joanne here to have a Skype chat, meet for a coffee or ask for a testimonial from an existing client.

How do you learn from others? Do you have somebody you can turn to just to thrash out an idea? Why not share it below.