How can you save time in your Business?Top Tips to Save Time

I know as much as anyone that a business is established because somebody has a passion about something, not many people have a passion for inputting business cards into a database or chasing debtors, I set up my Virtual Assistant Company because, as sad as it may sound, I love doing all that !!

If I can help somebody free up their time and inevitably make more money or take back valuable time with their family then I’d happily sit here for hours in my home office, itunes playing in the background and input 500 business cards knowing that this can and will generate them money !

So, how can I help you to save even a small amount of time a day, take a look at my top 5 tips;

Make a “Things to Do List”

Take 5 minutes from the end of your day to think about what you have to do tomorrow, make a list and prioritize them as A, B or C.

Items marked with A should be what you MUST do, these will be tasks that are going to make you rich !  In the main, Marketing.   Try to utilize 60-90 minutes every day, it may seem a lot but get it out of the way first thing and you may even benefit the same day !

Items marked with B should be day to day tasks and only ones that will make you money, paying work.

Items marked with C should be non-urgent and non-important – Consider should they even be on your list or can they be out-sourced ?

Social Media Updates

Don’t spend hours on Social Media, you can get sucked in reading tweets and updates and easily waste 2 hours a day.  Keep this to the end of the day also, download and register on it is very simple to install and use.  Contact us by phone and I’ll talk you through it (no cost).  You can see all your mentions, messages and tweets from followers and people you follow.  Spend 5-10 minutes on this to send new tweets and schedule tweets for the next and following days.  You could even do this at the start of the week for a full week.  This is also good for Facebook, Linkedin and other social media tools.

Cut out Travelling to Meetings

If you work from a home office, invest in a webcam, set this up in your office and invite Clients/Suppliers to speak to you via a VC (Video Conference).  This will save you or your clients money on travel expenses and cut out the travelling time also.  If you are based in a Company office, discuss this with your Line Manager if they don’t have one, it could save the Company a lot of money !

Call Handling

If you spend a lot of time taking sales/marketing calls during the day, register with a Call Handling Company, try they offer one week free trial so see if it works for your business.  Mention Executive VPA so they know you were advised by a fellow VA.  They offer numerous packages to suit and can send you messages via email or text and can even provide a fax number for you to use (saving you money!)

Out-source to a Virtual Assistant

Finally, it’s important that you realize the value you have to your business, you may be concerned that you can’t afford a VA, but if I asked you what do you charge your clients for your time or what is your time worth, it would probably be more than you would pay a Secretary.  A VA would perform daily/monthly admin tasks in a shorter time, you would be out there doing your fee earning work and your business would not only be getting your value but also the marketing/sales that it needs.

Feel free to call us or connect through our various social media platforms to ask any questions, no obligation.  That’s what we’re here for.