As a professional VA, it can be frustrating to know that some business owners, when they decide to outsource a task or project, will look around for the “cheapest” offer.

I mean, I know price is always going to be a major consideration for ANY client, but have you heard the old adage “Pay cheap, pay twice”?

Let’s assume you have, but that, when it comes to outsourcing this certain task, you’re not paying heed and set out instead to find the cheapest man or woman for the job. You head for somewhere like People Per Hour to swiftly hire a freelancer who has listed the skills you want and, most importantly, comes in within the budget you’re willing to pay. Let’s call your selected freelancer People-per-hour-Paul.

Or perhaps you’ve remembered that there’s someone a few doors down who does a bit of this sort of work from home; you can’t remember her name but she’s nice: when you bump into her sometimes in the supermarket she always has a smile and she seems a good sort. Best of all, you know she’s cheap. Let’s call her Down-the-road-Deirdre.


Or are you?

Well, yes, you think, because you’ve seen what professional VAs charge and it’s WAY too much! Their expertise is, quite frankly, too expensive for you. After all, it’s just a bit of admin, book-keeping, or whatever…..isn’t it?

Now let’s take a little look at our professional VA.

As well as having the resourcefulness, expertise, motivation, organisation, skills and discipline to set up and run a business, the professional VA is, actually, a PROFESSIONAL.  For a start that means they will have business insurance (most opt for professional indemnity insurance). Given that VAs have access to personal data, contacts, bank accounts, cloud storage, social media accounts etc, you can see why this is high on their list of “essentials”.

Bear in mind also that a professional VA will be registered with ICO and comply with all the regulations of GDPR to ensure the protection and security of your personal information and even that of YOUR clients.

And then there’s the fact that any VA worth their salt will not only be an expert in their work, they will be continually learning new skills and gaining knowledge through regular networking, undertaking training and education, attending seminars and conferences.

A professional VA won’t just get the job done well either; they will be invested in the success of your business and can bring a huge amount of support – emotional and practical, AND valuable connections to your business in a much wider sense.

Do they still seem too expensive?

Maybe they do, and, if you decide to go with People-per-hour-Paul or Down-the-road-Deirdre after all, that, of course, is your choice. There will always be someone willing to do the work cheaper than a VA. But please be aware of the differences between what they offer and what a professional VA will bring, and the risks involved in hiring the former.

Ultimately, if you want to KNOW that the job will be done properly, and securely, first time round, by an experienced professional, a VA may well be your “cheapest” option in the long run.

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