Christmas BlogDon’t let people forget about you !

Working as a Virtual PA means most of my year is spent helping to promote other Businesses, most of this comes through Social Media promotion.

The last thing I want is for prospects of my clients’ to forget all about them over the holiday period, which is why we ensure that their marketing plan continues throughout Christmas and New Year. Obviously, people will be on holiday and some will be planning on working as little as possible, this doesn’t mean however that we should consider potentially missing that one ideal client who might just happen to log on to Twitter or post a pic on Facebook and miss seeing what we offer.

The idea is to now ensure that you have those posts scheduled and you maintain the momentum.

I’ve spoken about the many platforms that are available throughout the year so now’s the time to give you a refresher and add in some extra little bits;


As we know, Twitter does not allow us to schedule posts, however, Hootsuite does.  This is a brilliant platform where you can host up to 5 x Social Networks, including – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Google+, WordPress and Mixi for FREE.  You can then view your feeds/posts/scheduled posts/news etc on each one.

This is a huge help when you may not have time to tweet/post daily or if you’ll be away from the office (like at Christmas !!)  You can auto-schedule, Hootsuite will determine the best time to schedule your tweets/posts and if you post to 2  or more platforms, it will stagger them so your followers don’t seem to be spammed……priceless !


You can also use Hootsuite to schedule on Facebook.  However, Facebook has the same function through their Business Page posts, just click on the little clock underneath your status and you can schedule up to years in the future.


The majority of blogs can be scheduled to be released once uploaded, so why not write a couple of short ones before you finish for Christmas and schedule them for over the holiday period.   Don’t forget to schedule tweets/Facebook posts/LinkedIn updates to coincide with their release too.


If you send your clients/connections or prospects messages by text, check out the “Delay Text” App, I use one that costs just £0.69p to download (icon is green with a little text and clock picture on), this may only be worthwhile if you don’t send too many so take a look at the T&C’s before you invest.

Obviously, as advised above, the message here is to not forget about your marketing strategy over the holiday period.  We need to make sure we are up and ready to go in January and we don’t lose what we’ve worked hard for all year.

This is a standard day to day task that we perform for our clients, if you would like to know how we can help you or just need a little advice, contact Joanne today on 07928 228764 or email for a no obligation chat.

Happy Planning !

The next in our series looks at the back up you can get to help you over the Christmas period, you don’t have to do it all by yourself, don’t panic about the few days off you might promise yourself.