4 x key points to gaining an ideal life blend

It can be difficult. You may have a very demanding job. You may have just started or be running your own business. It is easy to get more and more engrossed in your work life with less and less time being spent socially or with family.

So how do you ensure that you take valuable ‘you’ time, that means you don’t lose touch with those you hold dear to your heart, or that you don’t stop doing things you enjoy that can re-charge your soul?

Here are my four tips to achieving the ideal life blend…

1. Remember your ‘why’. Why should you be disciplined in your work life balance? What does it mean to you personally? Assess this constantly, it may change, if it does then develop strategies to adapt.

For example, there may be temporary reasons why you have to work longer hours, if this is the case, promise yourself a significant break with friends, family or on your own, whichever fits in with your lifestyle. This way you have something to look forward to and won’t be quite so hard on yourself for having to put more energy into your work.

2. Listen and consider – talk to like minded people, read motivational books, or attend events where there are inspirational speakers. Have an in-depth discussion with your partner or family members, canvass their opinions. We can all descend into our own little bubble and think we know what’s best for ourselves. However getting objective feedback, or listening to others’ stories can help gain a sense of perspective which can surprise you and keep you motivated and balanced.

3. Empty your head – if you are struggling with life blend, is it that time management or lack of organisation is getting in the way? Emptying your head of worries or work related issues can work wonders. Learn to meditate or go for walks this can really clear your mind and help see things in a different light.
Write a list or make your ‘to do’ visual, mind maps are excellent for organizing your thoughts, ideas and tasks. Seeing it in this way will help you manage your time and prioritise your day ahead

4. Don’t Panic – Once you’ve done all the above, accept it will take time, don’t expect to wake up one day and find everything has changed. Any shift in habitual practices takes time to undo and reshape, so build day by day until your way of thinking has changed and it becomes second nature.

I’ve spoken to many groups about how I’m achieving my own unique “lifeblend” and give further tips on how you could achieve yours, I would love to share it with your group, call me on 07928 228764 or Skype executive.vpa to find out more.