Are your Apps working for your Business ?

Most people in business now own a Tablet or Smartphone.  Earlier in the year I produced a blog on the merits of Apps for iPad and iPhone

As I see more and more of my associates coming to meetings with tablets or iPads, I wondered how many of them actually utilise these as the powerful business tool they really are, or do they just use them to surf the Internet whilst watching TV?

The App stores can be mindboggling places, so here are a the details of some really nifty business apps for Android

Documents to go



Documents to Go

This enables you to view Microsoft Office documents as well as edit them and create new ones via your device.  Cost £9.29




Google Gdocs

Google Gdocs allows you to edit and create text documents, spreadsheets and PDFs for free





Capture your thoughts as they happen wherever you find yourself.  You can collect text, pictures, audio and share with other devices as well.  Cost free or an upgrade is £4 per month or £35 per year





Dropbox offers you 2gb of free cloud storage and also allows you to stream music and movies

Cost Free, upgrade is £6.31 per month (Free additional gb’s available if you introduce friends/colleagues to Dropbox)




Skype offers free voice and audio calls via the Internet and you can also Instant Message for free





Sick of paying for Voicemail?  This nifty App gives free voicemail and voice message access via the Internet, your handset or email.  Available on Three, Orange, Vodafone,  02, TMobile, BT, Talk Mobile.  You can also access your missed calls and send instant voice messages to contacts

Cost Free with ads or £5.99 per year without ads and unlimited storage

Appy working !! (groan)