Story Telling in BusinessAre you a member of a local networking group? Do you show up every week and say the same thing during your sixty second slot?  Do you just list what you do?

This is ineffective and boring for those who hear you every week

You need to tell a story, put what you are saying into a context

We relate to stories, we can identify and empathise with the characters and the scenarios. Once we empathise, we are more likely to tune in, listen to what you have to say and it will lead to more business.

How can you tell stories?

Use case studies, if you have been in business for a while, think about the work you have carried out, revisit those clients, ask them what benefits your business has brought to them and what they value the most.  Use case studies from your competitors or use recommendations and testimonials you have received.

If you don’t want to do this, use a scenario whereby it shows how what you do can benefit others or what you are doing to develop your business, new ideas, training courses, associate links.

With your story telling you can also talk about things that have happened in your personal life, it shows people that you are human and adds personality to your brand.

Would you rather read the Phone Book or a Novel?  That is the difference.

So never opt for the hard sell, create a visual, tell a tale and hopefully you will make a sale.

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