EVPA UniqueCan you steer your own path?

After a busy Christmas break, I finally settled down to watch the finale of the Young Apprentice. You couldn’t have put 4 x different finalists together and in the end, it came down to 2 x young women who are at completely different ends of the spectrum, it got me thinking about what traits and personalities make a successful business person?

We seem to be surrounded by hard and forthright successful entrepreneurs at the moment, Alan Sugar, Duncan Bannatyne and Donald Trump and they’ve all got to where they are by openly speaking their minds.

On the other hand, we’ve seen successes such as Jacqueline Gold, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson, who seem to have had a ‘calmer’ rise to fame and success.  They have all however, been persistent and stood up for what they want.

It’s evident that there isn’t a set mould and it’s important to make your mark and steer your journey in the way that suits your own personality and style.

There are however, a few basic points that I’m sure all the above would advocate;

  1. Keep your dream in your vision
  2. Get your point across and make people listen
  3. Show your passion – ALWAYS !
  4. Use whatever resources you can get your hands on

If you’re set on being a success (which I’m sure you are !) remember why you do what you do and what you want to achieve.

Nobody says it will be easy and overnight success can take years but remember……all good things don’t come to those who wait, they come to those who work hard, persevere and demand success.

Make 2013 your best year yet !

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